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Washington, DC

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Matt Royer

Matt Royer joins Five Corners as a Digital Advocacy Associate with a diverse background outside of politics. He specializes in political intelligence as well as social media engagement and digital advocacy. He recently graduated in 2016 from James Madison University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Intelligence Analysis with a minor in Criminal Justice. However, being born and raised in the Washington, D.C. Metro area naturally drew him towards the political arena.

Matt has been thoroughly versed in intelligence, data, financial, causal, and futures analysis during his studies and various internships before accepting this role. He worked previously with the Financial Support Office at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston as an intern where he wrote a white paper on the causal and future environment of the role of Chief Financial Officers and finance in the business world. He also worked as Financial Sales Analyst at a prominent accounting software company in Northern Virginia. In addition to his work in data analysis in the finance world, Matt has held positions in other fields as well. Matt worked as an intern at the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi as an engineering intern. He helped build a replica of a car that could run on one gallon of gas between New York and Washington D.C. as an example of the future of renewable energy for the students at the Petroleum Institute.

Matt previously worked with other private sector companies conducting analysis for various projects. He worked with Siemens conducting competitive intelligence analysis on different companies within the transportation industry. He also collaborated with Toffler Associates to research and provide further insight on the future of cybersecurity within the autonomous vehicle industry for companies like Mercedes and Tesla. Matt looks to provide innovative out-of-the-box insight in digital advocacy to the world of grassroots campaigns and publics affairs.

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