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An Interview with Five Corners Strategies Founding Partner, Frank Rizzo

Five Corners Strategies, one of the nation’s leading grassroots public affairs firms, has expanded its California office. With established offices in Boston, Washington DC, Harrisburg, PA and Saint Louis, the firm’s increased activity in California made the Bay Area an easy choice for expansion – and as we found out, having Frank Rizzo lead the charge makes even more sense.

We sat down with Frank to ask him some questions about what this move means for Five Corners and for him personally.


Q: Why California?

Frank: Our Partners and staff have been working in California for more than a decade, but over the last two years we’ve seen a significant increase in our client’s needs on the West Coast. Our Digital Advocacy Division is also based in the Bay Area and we have several Campaign Managers working on projects throughout California and the Western States. This expansion makes a lot of sense for not only Five Corners, but especially for our clients based on the West Coast.


Q: You have a long-standing connection to California. Tell us a little bit about that and what it means to be back here?

Frank: My family and I are excited to be back in California and having an increased presence on the West Coast will obviously be a huge advantage for our clients. The first political campaign I worked on in California was back in 1998 for Lois Capps. Since then, I have led well over a hundred grassroots programs in the state and out west.


Q: Since expanding your San Francisco office earlier this year, you and your team have won some exciting projects. Are there any projects you’ve worked on that you can tell us about?

Frank: Well, as you know, we often work on extremely sensitive and challenging projects for land developers, waste management companies and energy producers, so I can’t share too many details. Except to say that we’ve been very successful, of course.

Some of the more exciting things we’ve block quoteworked on include our recent work for now California State Senator Steve Glazer. We managed his campaign’s field program in both the primary and runoff election, winning a stunning 10-point margin of victory. While most of our work is on the corporate or advocacy side of things, we all have extensive political backgrounds, so it was rewarding to get back to those roots and work with a great candidate like Steve.


Q: So what’s next for Frank and Five Corners in California?

Frank: As always, our most important task is to continue winning on behalf of our clients. But we are also focused on making people and companies aware of how our grassroots campaigns can help our clients better achieve their business goals. With that in mind, I am doing a lot of face-to-face meetings with new prospective clients, and getting immersed in some great and challenging projects. Being a part of the solution to these complex challenges is extremely gratifying and part of what drives us all at Five Corners.


Q: If you could get one message across to people reading this, what would it be?

Frank: Call me before your small community problem becomes a BIG one!!! Hahaha… Well, on a serious note, we are one of the top grassroots firms in the country, which our record of winning and exclusive admittance to organizations like The Advocacy Group (TAG) proves. If there is someone out there faced with contentious land-use issues, ballot campaign or legislative challenges, we can help them. So in that respect, they really SHOULD call me. Phone calls are free and I always pick up the first lunch tab.


Q: Thank you, Frank. And we all wish you continued success in California.

Frank: Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it and please check back in anytime.