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Ava Lorenz joins Five Corners Strategies as an Associate with a background in non-profit fundraising and political advocacy. She specializes in public outreach through both digital and grassroots platforms. Ava recently graduated in 2016 from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology with a minor in History. During her academic career, Ava worked for the city of Burlington’s government and for the state of Vermont, conducting and presenting research to state government officials. These academic and government pursuits drew Ava to a career path focused on civil advocacy and political engagement.

Prior to joining Five Corners Strategies, Ava ran a canvassing office for campaigns specializing in women’s reproductive health and civil rights. Specifically, Ava recruited, trained, and managed a canvassing staff of advocates located in the Boston area. During this work, she converted hundreds of locals into professional advocates, teaching them the skills to become successful political fundraisers, canvassers, and professional advocates. Ava brought this canvassing experience to her work with Five Corners Strategies when she joined the team in August 2016 working on a statewide ballot campaign in Massachusetts. Since joining the team, Ava has worked on various projects ranging from non-profit advocacy to wind farm proposals and everything in between.

Ava has also garnered experience through her travels abroad, specifically when she lived in Florence, Italy in early 2016. During her six-month stay in Florence, Ava enrolled in a college program to study with local Italian students. Her studies allowed her to become immersed in Italian culture, history, and language, as she successfully became fluent in Italian during her stay. She also traveled to various countries in Europe while abroad, including France, whose language she is also proficient in. Due to her passion of traveling and exploring the unknown, Ava continued her college studies of Russian history during a three-week trip to Russia in early June 2016. These trips have been paramount to Ava’s expertise on the language, culture, and politics of other countries. With this relevant experience, she is able to translate these experiences to her travels within the U.S., bringing a unique perspective to the various projects she embarks on.