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Attention to Detail.

Our approach to every project is to be thorough in every aspect of the work – strategy, planning and tactics change with each engagement but are based in best practice. Things can change very quickly in the world of politics and policy. Despite our extensive experience, we never presume that our past successful strategies and plans match precisely every situation for our clients. This creative, entrepreneurial attitude ensures the quality of our work and our continued success on behalf of our clients.

Build coalitions from the [hl]bottom up[/hl]

Build coalitions from the bottom up

We organize and support powerful coalitions by framing your issues in a way that shows real value to the communities we engage. From there we leverage and mobilize that support to impact policy decisions on your behalf.

Develop strategic [hl]roadmaps[/hl]

Develop strategic roadmaps

We develop detailed risk analysis on the current political situation specific to your issue and business goals. These assessments offer rich backgrounds on local activists, political leaders, regulatory and policy issues, potential avenues of support, opposition risks, and strategies for mitigating costly public affairs problems that may arise.

Digital [hl]Advocacy[/hl]

Digital Advocacy

At Five Corners Strategies, we are experts at combining traditional grassroots tactics, like door-to-door canvassing and town hall meetings, with modern digital advocacy tools.

We adhere strictly to the philosophy that a "like" does not equate to conversion. Ultimately our online advocates must take real action on behalf of our clients, and it's our job to find the right people to do so.

We have some of the leading industry experts on staff when it comes to identifying your strongest supporters and targeting them in a manner that keeps them engaged with your cause or issue. Once identified, our cutting-edge, integrated database and field systems mobilize supporters at a moment's notice.

Our suite of digital services includes well-known products, such as social media management, email campaigns, and content creation. What truly sets us apart is our expertise in targeting very specific audiences online and turning them from passive and non-engaged supporters into passionate advocates who will take real-life action on behalf of our clients.

Engage with the [hl]community[/hl]

Engage with the community

Our engagement approach is simple: be proactive and engage often with the right stakeholders. One strategic plan and package of execution tactics does not fit all communities, so we formulate each based on extensive research for every assignment. We never lose sight of your business, your brand, or your goals.